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Generating 100+ Leads Through Facebook Groups

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

We generate 100+ leads a month for clients without any ad spend and all organic through social media neighborhood groups.

When we first started Fanntastic Media, we felt there had to be another way to generate qualified leads for clients without JUST running Facebook Ads like EVERYONE else spending money. We decided to research by implementing some new avenues to generating leads. Most of the clients we were working with in the beginning were very small businesses who didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on ad spend and their retainer, so we had to think outside the box.

Our biggest success was when we started utilizing Facebook but with no spend and truly capitalizing on Facebook Groups alone. We saw major results when we would go into facebook groups from our client's personal accounts to post and share in groups - as well as create dummy accounts to join these private exclusive groups too. For example when marketing for a specific company we may join; mom groups, neighborhood groups, speciality groups, and groups pertaining to specific target markets. Doing this allows us to recommend these clients or companies and generate hot leads for them.

For almost all of our clients we have the opportunity to utilize over 20-30 THOUSAND groups in which we can share the clients content from their page but post directly in specific groups and recommend them to neighbors and fellow group members. Our Facebook Group campaigns tend to generate MASS results for our clients with no ad spend at all. Some of our posts generate over 100+ comments and leads for our clients.

NO COST PER LEAD, NO COST PER POST AND QUALIFIED INTERESTED LEADS!!! We sometimes steer clients away from running lead gen ads if it will not benefit them right off the bat because the cost to run those types of ads can be expensive and we need to figure out what works first before confidently building those ad spend ads! We typically can do one organic post for a client that can generate multiple qualified leads right away at $0; and then it allows them to build brand awareness for their company at the same time.

We are constantly looking and researching different ways to organically grow our clients and build their brand in ways that benefit everyone in the long run!

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