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The Growth Of Scottsdale Window Coverings W/Fanntastic Media

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

After growing Scottsdale Window Coverings, Fanntastic Media Partnered With Scottsdale Window Coverings In 2019!

The relationship grew each month with the exponential growth of Scottsdale Window Coverings on a month to month agreement for 9 months.

At the 9th month mark Scottsdale Window Coverings went from making a gross 30k a month to over 150k-250k/month ALL THROUGH ORGANIC LEADS, NO PAID ADS!!! We were able to use NextDoor, & Facebook Groups to create organic leads and brand awareness.

Due to the growth of Fanntastic Media, Vincent the owner offered a partnership and ownership due to the marketing efforts and growth & in 2021 Scottsdale Window Coverings has over 6 locations and opening its 7th location. Now, Vincent will go to potential client meetings to demand businesses to work with Fanntastic media LLC.

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