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Partnership With NFL Vet Deone Bucannon

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Fanntastic Media is super excited to partner and work with NFL Vet Deone Bucannon with building his brand & E-Commerce Brand Relentless Freedom.

Less than a year ago Fanntastic Media partnered with NFL Veteran Deone Bucannon

He came to our Full Service Marketing Agency because he had an incredible vision and did not understand the social media realm he wanted to dive into. He walked through his big picture wants and needs for his brand but he wasn't sure how to execute!

He wanted to create and manage his own personal brand, but also with the possibility of launching an e-commerce line called Relentless Freedom. Working with Deone, our entire team was able to help him dive deeper and create his vision of what "relentless freedom" truly meant to him. We were able to develop this brand and turn it into a fully functioning e-commerce line. We worked tirelessly on branding, logos, designs, shopify storefront, copyright materials, and attire in which he had multiple tangible assets to see an ROI overtime. Our team handled the creative end of his vision as well creating eye-catching videos, branding materials, ad copy, and marketing materials to match the fully functioning shopify store, our web developers put together. In order to make all of this happen seamlessly our team was adamant about consistently meeting with Deone weekly. It's important to discuss the internal structure of how a shopify store works, how the ads on social media will be configured and have a gameplan for how all results will happen so everyone is on the same page moving forward. When starting with the majority of our clients they typically already have a brand, vision and business plan. Our team LOVED starting this new brand with Deone because it allowed us to really understand the inner workings of launching a brand new ecommerce business completely from scratch. All the while allowing us the challenge of managing a professional athlete's social platforms which includes growing his following, creating top quality videos, producing eye catching content about his personal life, connecting him on podcasts and creating relationships to grow his brand as a person as well. Deone not only became a client of Fanntastic Media, but he also became a part of our team and family.

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